Can Dentists Benefit from Online Marketing?

Can Dentists Benefit from Online Marketing?

In today’s competitive environment, it is important to take steps to stand out from other dentists.  Not only should dentists use traditional marketing methods, but it is imperative to consider online marketing as well.  Although many dentists are fortunate enough to acquire new customers by referrals, some are not as lucky at first.

The first step to conquering an online presence is having a website that is designed by a professional.  It needs to not only show your products and services, but it needs to show your character.  With graphics and text, you can easily portray the image of professionalism to your clients.  Another consideration is your domain.  The domain that you choose should be optimized to drive traffic to your site by leveraging your brand and image.

The main problem for dentists, however, is not building a website.  It is getting traffic to their website.  EBM is able to help dentists by providing website design solutions as well as SEO solutions.  By giving dentists the capability to promote their business online, dentists are able to spend their time focusing on their practice.  EBM gives you the tools needed to drive consumers to your website by allowing you to post relative content about your practice such as the following:

General Info

You should use this tool the most! Share your business expertise, thoughts and comments with this tool. As a “thought-leader” you can draw more traffic to your site and more interest in your business. Your posting is placed online with other business leaders.

Press Releases

PR is a wonderful way of getting your business noticed. Many potential customers are seeking the latest and greatest. Even if it is not “news-worthy”, post it anyway. We do not editorialize your content, but provide a platform online for its publication.

Post a Job

Are you looking to hire the best? Need talent? Then post your job openings on our open job board.


PowerPoint and Flash files contain excellent information for generating leads. Upload your files to this tool to help prospects understand your business better.

Company Profile

Use this tool to highlight the unique aspects of your company. Remember the more details, the better.

Management Profile

This tool will post to our Business Leaders web portal. Potential customers like to do business with people that they can trust.


Are you conducting an event? Or do you have an event that you would like to promote? This tool will post your event to an online event calendar so that people in your area can attend.

PDF Files

Upload your PDF, WORD or other brochure formats. This content is excellent for improving your search rankings with existing material.

Case Study

Often, potential customers will want to find a vendor that has solved the business problems that they face. With you case studies, you can share your real-world experiences and how your unique offerings solved today’s business problems.

New Product

Whether you have a new or existing product/service, this tool will help promote your offering.

New Service

Whether you have a new or existing product/service, this tool will help promote your offering.


Podcasts are multimedia formats like audio and video that can be streamed from the server. Upload your MP3 or MOV or PDF files.


Need an interactive map? This tool helps you easily add your various locations and automatically generate a detailed street map, along with satellite images.

Forms Forms are a powerful way of capturing data from website visitors. Our Form Tool allows you to create contact forms, request forms, surveys, etc without programming. Best of all, your data is stored in the Lead Tracker tool so you can review and download your information.

Use Scribe to Increase Search Engine Visibility

Use Scribe to Increase Search Engine Visibility

For some people, search engine optimization is a complicated art that requires knowledge and expertise.  The truth is, however, that mastering SEO doesn’t have to be difficult.  In fact, Scribe helps users make search engine optimization simple by using three steps to ensure that content published by their users is compelling and highly visible on all of the major search engines.

Scribe is essentially your guide to creating unique content that drives people to your website or business.  By helping you discover keyword combinations that you may not have otherwise thought of, Scribe helps you:

  • Create content that doesn’t sound like it was written by a robot.  After you have written your content.
  • Scribe then analyzes and makes recommendations on how you can improve your chances of getting to the top of search engine results.
  • Last, Scribe helps you with link building, which drives traffic to your website or social media platforms to share your information with others.

When considering Scribe to help increase your search engine visibility, there are several plans to choose from.  With packages starting at only $17.00, Scribe makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to master SEO.  You can also download a free 27-page report that gives you essential SEO knowledge and will help you understand how the entire process works.  Scribe does not only educate you on why SEO is critical for any business, but they also give you the tools that you need to implement this practice into your weekly routine. Discover for yourself why so many people are using Scribe to increase their search engine rankings and visibility.