Social Media Marketing Optimization Services Packages Dallas, TX

Social Media is the most rapidly growing form of online marketing next to SEO. Social Media Optimization (SMO) focuses on acquiring an online presence through social networking as opposed to organic keyword rankings. Any company with a public face needs to have a public presence on at least the top 5 social networking sites for their niche (Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tagged, Ning, Hi5 etc.). Our Social Media Marketing Packages will establish an online presence through Social Networking Communities, Videos, Image Publications, and Social Bookmarking for you. SMO is not just a means to gain targeted traffic to your website, but it is an investment into the long term branding of your company and pro-active positive reputation management.

Feature List
● Professional SMO Profile Creation
● Bookmarking of every SMO Profile to ensure indexing in the Search Engines
● Video Implementation (Video must be provided) on every SMO Profile
● Image Optimization on every SMO Profile (Image must be provided)
● Large Number of Profile Creations as opposed to your competition
● SMO Profiles will be keyword optimized to double as proactive positive reputation
management by indexing in the search engines when the your company is queried.