Do You Really Need A Website?

The Internet has exploded in recent years – it seems that every business under the sun has realized the need for a web presence and has made the move to the online environment. However, if you have not yet realized how important having a website is, here are some very compelling reasons to join the rush.

First, having a website enhances your company’s credibility. In consumer’s eyes, a company without a website is simply not a credible option. To their minds, there is simply no reason that your company shouldn’t have a website.

Second, having a web presence can help with your branding efforts immensely. Creating a website that reflects your company’s ethics, drives, goals and personality can have far-reaching ramifications and can have a serious impact on your long-term performance and profitability.

Next, having a website puts you in direct competition with larger companies. In fact, having an online presence allows you to compete on a global level with Fortune 500 companies and everyone else, regardless of the size of your company.

Reaching new markets is another reason to have a website. Without an online presence, your marketing is limited to your local area, even with direct mail advertising and other solutions. However, simply having a website makes your company more visible and allows you to reach out to new markets.

You will also find that a website will improve your reach in the local area. The number of consumers in your immediate local area unaware of your company can be quite surprising. However, having a website will tell these consumers that you’re there, available and right for their needs.

Lead generation is yet another aspect of having a company website. Generating quality leads is never a simple thing; however, with a website, you can compile a list of interested, targeted leads that will ramp up your marketing efforts. In the same vein, you’ll find that your website is the ideal medium for running promotions that entice visitors to use your services or buy your products.

Along with promotions, you can easily enact customer incentives. These can be financially affordable options that cost little or nothing for you, yet hold value to your customers. Newsletters, free giveaways and contests are only the tip of the iceberg here.

Of course, having a website will also help you with public relations. Your website can be used to engineer your company’s public image and help change the way consumers see your company with ease. The online community aspect of having a website can also be a huge bonus, and can be easily implemented. Fostering a sense of community can be done with forums, discussion groups and more (this will also enhance communications with your customers on myriad levels).

Yet another benefit of having a website is the fact that it will allow you to increase your recruiting. This is a vital concern for any growing business.

Of course, you’ll find that having a website will allow you to conduct business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures profitability and stability. However, you’ll need to do a few things to help ensue your own success. Keep your website content fresh, compelling and accurate, or you will lose customers. You’ll also need to post FAQs to help your customers navigate your website, as well as company information to help ensure that your customers have the right image of who you are.