Client Reviews

In the summer of 2007, a TexTESOL V subcommittee was formed to search for a web design firm to update our website. Dr. Ouellette, Mary Peacock, Diana Bustillos and I tried to envision what would serve us best while planning the 2008 State TESOL Conference for November 6-8, 2008. TexTESOL V had already procured Actēva online registration and payment services (, a huge step forward in automating payments, simplifying the registration process for our members, increasing efficiency in handling membership data and reducing work demands on our all-volunteer staff. We hoped to find a web designer who would create a website that was attractive, professional, easy for TexTESOLers to navigate and effortless for board members to update so as to expand our service to the ESOL community. We contacted friends in the business to educate ourselves on what to ask for when requesting a proposal, then investigated what types of services were typical and economically feasible. After creating a list of needs, we contacted local and national web development firms. Each of us was tasked with finding 5-10 companies. I found mine through The proposals came in with vast differences between the bottom lines ($1000 basic design to well over $25,000). While cost was certainly important, I believe the designs of previous websites and the personality of the eBM team won us over.Wael Salama (President) was exceptionally professional and offered us many extras to secure our business, and Lindsay Stone (web designer) was confident, professional, knowledgeable. The eBM “superstar” team has been quick to respond to questions, resolve issues and willing to go the extra mile for our organization. For example, Lindsay researched and found a module for our website that would allow us to hold elections and created the ability for us to Blog and generate forums to better inform and give our members an opportunity to express themselves. She also installed a module allowing us to sell conference memorabilia such as: T-shirts, bumper stickers and mugs. We may never use that feature, but it shows how hard eBM Corp is willing work to exceed our expectations. We are currently in test mode for our new and improved TexTESOL V website and hope to bring it live in a week or so. The address will be the same, so click and check us out. Please be patient as we work feverishly to update content. We hope you find the website informative and fun. I have certainly learned a great deal in the last few months about the web design process. See you in November at the 2008 State Conference!

Date Written: 12 July 2008
Testimonial by: John Drazek

The 30-day trial period with EBM helped us to decide to use their services. EBM thoroughly explained how to utilize their services. During that time, we saw improved ranking for our key search phrases that showed up on Google and other Search Engines. We have been very satisfied thus far with the professionalism and helpfulness of the staff at EBM. We are looking forward in working with them and we are eager to see the results that their service produces during the coming months.Date Written: 25 September 2008
Testimonial by: Dale C. Howe

The executive board of TexTESOL IV, had long decided that our website needed a brand new look. We were looking for a design that would both encourage our members to log on to it, as well as, utilize it. We needed a well-planned layout design that would be easy to use. As a non-profit organization, we also had to find a company that was both professional and affordable. Our sister affiliate in Dallas, TexTESOL V, highly recommended EBM Corporation. EBM Corp offered us a price that was affordable and the opportunity to work with a highly professional website designer, Lindsay Stone. I personally worked with Lindsay for many months and always found her to be patient, professional and dedicated to producing a website design that we would be proud of. Since completing the web design, many of our members have expressed their joy at having an updated, attractive, well-designed and functional website and most importantly one that they find easy to use. I would highly recommend EBM Corporation to anyone or company interested in having a new website set up.Date Written: 01 November 2008
Testimonial by: Kathy Najafi