Using Lists to Maximize the Power of Marketing Articles

Using Lists to Maximize the Power of Your Marketing Articles

Articles are valuable assets to companies attempting to boost website visitors and create greater brand awareness. However, knowing just what makes the most compelling article can be a bit confusing for some companies. Some of the best things to include in an article are lists. Why are lists so important, though? Why would someone click on an article that used lists? There are numerous reasons why lists help boost the number of clicks your articles receive.

Lists are excellent inclusions for online articles because they help break the information within the article up into easily digestible chunks for your readers. Online and offline articles differ considerably, as do readers of both formats. Generally, an online reader has less time and patience than does someone reading a magazine or newspaper. They want the pertinent information highlighted for them in a manner they can easily locate, comprehend and digest. Lists do this quite well.

Lists also help in a number of other ways. For instance, using lists within your articles helps create better category awareness and brand awareness. These are essential areas if you are going to be successful, online or off. In addition, articles with lists can help promote better brand consideration, as your readers are more likely to have a positive opinion of your brand and your company when you give them real information in a manner they can easily access and understand.

Using lists will help drive up brand preference, as well. Your customers will have a better opinion of your brand if you are able to give them clear, concise, listed information about a particular topic. It can also turn your current customers into advocates for your brand, by giving them the raw data they need to do so. Finally, articles using lists are also valuable tools for engendering better customer retention.

All of the areas listed above are essential to your success in the long term. With lists, you are able to help make your company stand out in the minds of your customer, give them the information they need to advocate for your brand and even the information needed to create loyal customers in the first place. Using lists in your articles is an invaluable business tactic, and one that can have enormous ramifications in both the short and the long term. Make the most of your article marketing and use lists to your advantage.