The 10 Essential Steps to Ensure You Get the Most Clicks for Your Articles

The 10 Essential Steps to Ensure You Get the Most Clicks for Your Articles

Articles can be an essential ingredient to your online success. Well-written articles can be shared across the World Wide Web and can compel your readers to take whatever action you might intend. However, if you do not follow the ten steps listed below, you may find that your articles are not quite as powerful as they might be.

Lists – Lists are valuable elements, particularly for online articles. Using lists makes your information easier for readers to digest, and helps break all of an article’s content up into manageable chunks.

Reviews – Reviews can be tremendous tools for your marketing, and can help ensure that your readers are fully informed about products and services. This helps grow brand awareness, as well as brand preference and more.

How To – There are few things more popular on the Internet today than how to articles. These give readers vital information about how to accomplish something, through step-by-step information. How to articles can have a considerable impact on brand consideration, as well as on customer retention.

Promotion – Promotion within articles should be kept to a minimum, and it should never be written as a sales pitch. Nothing turns readers off faster than reading something that sounds more like marketing hype than factual information.

Locations – The “where” of your marketing is another important aspect to consider. Do you want more customers to visit a specific location? Do you want more customers at a certain time of day?

Announce – You can use articles to announce almost anything, from new products to services and more. In fact, with the right articles, you can even announce that your company is an expert in your particular niche. This plays a role in developing category awareness, as well as brand awareness and more.

Testimonials – Using testimonials in your articles can be an excellent way to boost brand consideration, but make sure those testimonials are real and not fabricated.

Support – Providing support within articles is vital. This helps create better customer retention, as well as turning your customers into advocates for your business.

Case Studies – You can also use your articles to highlight case studies. These can be powerful tools in creating brand consideration and brand preference.

Industry Information – Putting industry information into your articles can help highlight what sets your company apart from others, and why your business is a better choice for your customers. This can create customer retention and brand awareness, as well.