Search Engine Marketing for Brand Purchase Intent

EBM Corp provides search engine marketing for purchase intent and helps you convert visitors to paying customers through a wide range of services.

Purchase intent is a vital part of the purchase funnel and is required before the customer can make a choice to purchase from your website.  Purchase intent comes immediately after brand preference has been engendered.  Let’s take a look at the subject and how search engine marketing for purchase intent can provide you with immediate benefits and immediate ROI.

Purchase intent finds your customer saying, “Where can I find the best price on this specific item?”  The customer has already made up their mind about the brand they want to purchase and now they are seeking the best price possible.  This can be a lengthy process for consumers bent on finding the bottom-dollar option.  However, most consumers will compare only a few options, before making their choice.  This means that your offering must be within the top few search engine listings for that brand or specific product.  This also means that you must have already set yourself up as the best provider of that brand.  Companies offering brands carried by competing websites must ensure that they offer a competitive price on the product or service and that they appear in the top of search engine rankings.

In order for your customer to develop purchase intent, they must already know the benefits of your brand.  For companies manufacturing their own brand, this process begins with the consumer developing brand awareness, followed by brand preference.  In some ways, this process is more difficult for companies offering their own brand of products, because they must compete against other brands in the marketplace.  Companies offering a brand sold through multiple vendors will already benefit from the customer’s brand preference and will not have to fight to gain that preference.

Search engine marketing for purchase intent tells your customer several things.  First, it tells them that you have the brand that they want.  Because the consumer has already developed a brand preference, this is vital.  If you do not provide them with information stating that their desired brand can be found with you, they will go elsewhere.  Next, you must inform your customer that you have the best price on the product or service that they want.  Finally, you must intimate to the consumer that your website is the best place for them to purchase their brand.

All of this can be accomplished through search engine marketing for purchase intent.  Through implementing the correct keywords, the correct images and the correct PPC bids, you can rise to the top of search engine results.  Consumers are ten times more likely to purchase from the top few results than they are through results even just a little lower down the results page.  That means that you absolutely must be in the top ranks of results for related keywords.  EBM Corp can provide you with search engine marketing for purchase intent that will drive targeted traffic directly to your website.