Search Engine Marketing for Brand Customer Advocacy

EBM Corp can help you utilize search engine marketing for customer advocacy and enhance your profitability, substantially increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Customer advocacy is the final portion of the purchase funnel and is highly desirable. In a sense, this is a form of marketing, which you can harness without incurring additional costs.  Customer advocacy finds your customers marketing on your behalf, whether through word of mouth or Web 2.0 technology, such as blogging and other marketing platforms.  How can search engine marketing help generate better customer advocacy and propel your company to new heights?  Does search engine marketing for customer advocacy truly work?

Harnessing the power of customer advocacy is a lengthy process.  However, search engine marketing has the ability to shorten that process to something more manageable.  By using SEM techniques, you can generate better brand awareness, brand consideration and facilitate a larger number of purchases through your website.  The ability to do this is gained through the use of keyword marketing, article marketing and other disparate SEM methodologies.

For instance, by generating better brand preference, you ensure that you have happy customers. Modern consumers are very different from those of the past.  Today’s consumers are empowered, educated, knowledgeable and lack the patience for most traditional marketing methods.  Today, consumers prefer to be actively engaged in the marketing process, actively seeking information on product categories, brand benefits and other criteria to help them make an informed purchase decision.

Using search engine marketing to generate better customer advocacy is a vital part of the modern online marketing model.  Consumers are much more likely to trust an independent review of a product or service than they are to trust marketing material from the manufacturer or distributor of the product.  Consumers feel that independent reviews are unbiased and offer a more accurate picture of the product’s actual worth.

The road to customer advocacy starts with search engine marketing.  By targeting specific groups of consumers, you can engender better traffic flow to your website.  However, it’s not all about the number of visitors.  Driving targeted traffic to your website means that you are more likely to convert those visitors to paying customers.  These customers are also more likely to promote your products and services for you through their blog, their review website and through social media websites.  In essence, targeted traffic is what SEM is all about.  Marketing to a targeted demographic, need or consumer subset allows you to enjoy highly effective marketing, without the enormous costs that advertising can sometimes entail.

Customer advocacy is the final step after customer retention.  Search engine marketing helps you engender better customer retention through marketing to specific consumer types.  For instance, marketing your product to consumers who actually want to purchase it, as opposed to broad-based marketing campaigns that do not target any consumer subset is much more viable.  This is the first step in gaining customer advocacy and the benefits that it entails. can help you institute search engine marketing for customer advocacy as well as many other SEM programs that will boost your sales.