Search Engine Marketing for Brand Category Awareness

Search engine marketing for category awareness helps your company generate greater ROI; can help you develop the category awareness you need for success.

Category awareness is the first step in the purchasing process used by consumers.  If consumers are unaware of the category’s existence, they obviously will not purchase your product.  Product categories are broad areas that can contain numerous brands and disparate companies.  What are product categories and why is category awareness vital to your company’s performance?  How does category awareness play a role in consumer purchase decisions?

First, you must understand what category awareness actually is.  Let’s use a real world example.  Suppose you were a consumer and wanted to purchase a new TV.  If you lived under a rock, you might not know that HD TV is currently the hottest technology.  This is an example of consumer ignorance of a product category.  HD TVs make up the category.  Awareness of the category finds the consumer saying to themselves, “I want an HD TV.”  As you no doubt notice, the consumer is not necessarily aware of any brands within that category.

Additionally, the more specialized or esoteric a category, the lower the amount of category awareness consumers will have.  This simply means that you must find the best marketing vehicle to help generate category awareness.  One of the single largest benefits of a new or unknown category is that the company who generates the most category awareness often receives the most consumers.

Why is category awareness important?  If consumers do not know about the product or service category, they cannot purchase your products or services.  The ramifications of this are enormous, though relatively obvious.  You must work to generate the utmost category awareness possible in targeted consumers.  This means that you must research which demographics your product will appeal to and market accordingly.  The next marketing step after category awareness is brand awareness.  This finds the consumer learning about brands within the specific category.  This is followed by brand consideration, brand preference, purchase intent and several other steps.

Search engine marketing for category awareness is a vital component of your advertising campaign.  Without the use of search engine marketing, consumers may be very slow to learn about your product category, or another company can set themselves up as the preeminent product manufacturer within the category.  As you can see, it is of utmost importance that you engender consumer interest in your product lines immediately.  Search engine marketing can help you do this expediently and efficiently.

Search engine marketing (or SEM), harnesses consumer search terms and patters to provide consumers with relevant search results.  This benefits your company by engendering a greater flow of targeted traffic, interested in the product or service category in which you operate.  Targeted traffic equates to a better conversion ratio; search engine marketing for category awareness can significantly increase your ROI as well as your long-term profitability. can offer the helping hand required to generate success in the online environment through specialized search engine marketing techniques and much more.