Offering Support within Article Marketing

Offering Support within Article Marketing

If you have been involved in online marketing for any length of time, then you know just how important it is that you engage in article marketing. Not only is this usually a low cost (or even free) marketing method, but it can generate enormous interest and profitability for your company. However, identifying areas to explore in your article marketing efforts can be a bit troublesome. Where do you go after you have explored all of your topics? Rather than becoming repetitive, a great option is to offer support.

How can you offer support through article marketing? Simply put, you can easily write a series of articles about a product or service designed to help current customers get the most out of their investment. Whether you sell coffeepots or offer window-cleaning services, sell eBooks or produce online video resumes, chances are good that your customers could use a helping hand in some areas.

Support-style articles can be posted in any number of areas. For example, if you operate a corporate blog, you can easily do an ongoing support series of articles or posts. You can also offer supportive articles on your website, ensuring that your visitors are able to find new content when they come through. Of course, you can also use article directories and professional networks to distribute your articles and get that information out to your customers and potential customers.

However, why should you offer support-style articles? What do you stand to gain? The benefit to your readers is clear, but how does it benefit your company? Simply put, articles that offer product or service support ensure that you are able to enjoy a much higher customer retention rate. When customers are satisfied with their purchase or their experience, they’re far more likely to stay with a company.

In addition, you will find that those same satisfied customers are much more likely to become advocates for your company, as well. Happy customers are more likely to tell others good things about your business. This helps ensure that your company not only remains stable in terms of customer numbers, but can benefit from free word of mouth marketing, as well.

Support articles are valuable assets to any company. No matter what it is that you sell, whether it is a physical product, an electronic product or a service, you can boost your success with this option.