Developing Your Brand and Image

Developing Your Brand and Image

Making your company successful means that you need to do more than just advertise your company’s offerings.  It means that you need to do more than merely sell your products or services.  All successful companies have generated that success not through sales, but by setting themselves apart from their competitors.  They do it be creating a recognizable brand and image that resonates with their customers.  How can you go about doing that?

The Importance of Your Logo

The place where your branding should start is with your logo.  Most company logos are immediately memorable.  Consider Nike’s logo or the logo for Apple.  These logos are simple, effective and memorable.  Beyond this, they immediately equate to the company’s products in the minds of consumers.  Thinking of the Apple logo immediately brings to mind images of iPods, iPads and iMacs.  The Nike “swoosh” brings to mind images of running shoes and fitness.

Your Niche

No matter what it is that your company does, you cannot be everything to everyone.  Therefore, you need to choose the right niche, or area of focus.  What is it that you want your brand to evoke in the minds of your customers? Do you want to emphasize service and quality?  Do you want to evoke savings and value?  Do you want your products to be the first thing that comes to your customers’ minds?

Your Goals

You need to develop viable goals for your company, and then put those into words.  What is it that your company will accomplish?  How can you turn those goals into a useable tagline for your company?  This will speak directly to your brand.  For instance, Nike’s Just Do It ® campaign sums up their brand quite well.

Pull It All Together

Once you have a good logo, a tagline and your goals in mind, you need to bring all of that together and put in on your business materials, your marketing materials and your advertising.  You need to make it part and parcel of your company.  You need that logo and tagline to resonate in the minds of your customers.

Of course, you need to be consistent with your logo and tagline – use the same image and tagline on all of your materials, even your in-house paperwork and email communications.  Let those elements become synonymous with your company with your employees, customers, vendors and all others.

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