Full Service Web Design and SEO Company

EBM Corp is a business with a mission – a mission to help companies start their website, grow their website and grow their online presence. Through state of the art web development solutions, you will be walked through the entire process of designing and building your online business. From buying a domain name and hosting your website to providing detailed traffic reports and analysis, EBM Corp is a full service web design and SEO company.

Creating your website begins with meeting with our team to develop design ideas. We will then assist you in buying a domain name and hosting your website. Your website content will then be analyzed and recommendations will be made to improve your content’s search engine optimization.

Once your website is designed and online, the services do not stop there. EBM Corp will assist you in creating a blog as well as multiple social media profiles to begin exposing the world to your online business through the latest social networking media sources. You will even be able to create and market videos related to your business and industry.

To grow your online presence, EBM Corp utilizes a variety of solutions designed for today’s online market. Through search engine marketing, you will be listed with the top search engines used by web surfers today including Google, Yahoo! and Bing. In addition, we will provide you with detailed traffic reporting and analysis for your website so that you can make smart decisions in regards marketing and increasing your traffic flow.
We know that designing a website and starting an online business can be an overwhelming prospect. There are so many new things to learn to get started and the web is an entirely different marketplace. We will walk you through the entire process and will assist you in making effective e-marketing decisions that will yield you profits. We develop unique solutions that will ensure your business’s success in the online market.
EBM offers creative and inventive web development solutions. Every step taken is designed to ensure your online profitability and presence. Contact us today at 214.624.5070 to experience a completely new and personal approach to Internet marketing.